Mobile Development template for your Smart Sales Assistant Tool

Even if a company owns a website, the need for a mobile application is on the rise, because more and more people are now using mobile apps for their needs. With our AI project estimation tool, you can create personalized quotes, ready to be sent off to clients at a minute’s notice. Either you can use our free templates or you can create your own set of questions to be sent to your clients. Once you factor in the cost elements and integrate your own entire quote, you can send it to you clients and with us by your side, all this will not take more than a few minutes!

Create an intelligent assistant for Mobile Development Request a Quote.

For more effective lead generation

Unlimited Conversations

We handle limit less conversations generated by your assistant

No-code Assistant Builder

Build bots from empty theme or using our templates

Personalize Appearance

Style the appearance of the quote assistant to match your theme

AI based quote suggestions

NLP read your chat and suggest best quote

Template Demo

Mobile Development Template Question set


This is list of questions to Ask About the Mobile Development Template Knowledge gathering


Let us know from what devices users will be able to interact with the app. This will come in handy at the development stage.

What is your apps category

Give us an idea of the product you are looking for. You will find there the app types in which we excel.


There are two major platforms for app development Android and IOS, lets decide one of them or both for your application

User Interface perfection

How you want to style your apps skin


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