About us

QuoteRules is the best solution for businesses who want to provide great customer service. We put our customers first and work with them as partners, aligning against their business goals but ensuring they succeed in achieving theirs!

How We Started

We have worked with businesses of all sizes for 10+ years, and during that time there have always been many phases to onboard any project - from getting the requirements all the way until they're done. Sometimes these processes take just one day but most of them happen over weeks because things get complicated quickly when you start adding new tasks onto an existing list!

What's the point of all this knowledge gathering if it doesn't generate proposals for your customer? That means you'll have more time to waste, or lose a client who picks another company instead.

We've solved the problem of repeating tasks with a chatbot-based assistant "QuoteRules" that provides prebuilt questions to solve specific problem in various industry's through different templates of question sets. The bot collects all answers, calculate task efforts cost based on your settings and also uses AI NLP for estimation suggestions, saving project managers time in doing this manual labor themselves!


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