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Earlier this year, I was thinking of a way to make it easier to produce quotes; then QuoteRules appeared (funny how that works!) The idea is brilliant, and the UI/UX is great. A bit of a learning curve (for me) to set it up, but Inderjit has been helping me out very promptly.


Quote Building Solution

It's always a hassle to produce quotes. But QuoteRules helps to make it easy, and saves time. If you didn't try any quote generator platform yet, this should be the one! The support was helpful and quickly fixed things I mentioned while we are in chat.


Clean UI, Helpful Support

They reply to our text as early as possible and try to provide solution for whatever the cause. They are really flexible to work with, and they are promising. It's great to work with their software.


Quick, Flexible and Promising

Fantastic product! finally, I have found the one!. quoterules It is so easy to set up and get started quoting. The interface is very user-friendly and the quotes come through very quickly. We work with a variety of products and it has been a lifesaver for our B2B business, plus their customer service is right there to help you. Inder has provided us with first-class support!


This is the one!