Smart quote generator tool for Fast, Accurate and Easy Project Quotation.

We help websites & mobile apps to generate qualified leads and increase sales team productivity.
Our Quote Assistant tool analyze customer requirement and suggest best quotes using smart AI techniques.


Get professional quotes with a few clicks and within minutes!

We help businesses generate qualified leads

Unlimited Conversations

We handle limit less conversations generated by your assistant

No-code Assistant Builder

Build bots from empty theme or using our templates

Personalize Appearance

Style the appearance of the quote assistant to match your theme

AI based quote suggestions

NLP read your chat and suggest best quote

How it works


Create Project - Setup your Cost – Integrate!

That's it! It’s as easy as that!

Template & Questions set

We give you the choice of creating your own set of questions or you can go with one of our free to use templates. Add questions that you would want to ask your clients, as many or as few as you want, and prepare a comprehensive questionnaire.

Create Project

Once you have created your question bank, add details about how you would want to go about creating your project. Include details about what all you have to offer to your clients, enticing them to sign you on.

Set your efforts cost

Our cost estimation tool allows you to set a billing amount for each part of the project with ease and efficiency. You can choose to have an overall costing or set up different costs for each aspect of the project.


Once its all set up, all you need to do is integrate and you are done!



We know you want to make your life easier. That's why we've designed our artificial intelligence based quote assistant builder, which uses state-of-the art technology in order for the user interface (UI) or experience of using this software product be intuitive and dynamic - almost verging on being proactive with how things work! Here are some benefits that teaming up could provide:

Increase Quote Requests

Impress your clients with your speed and efficiency, because your quote can be up and ready in a matter of minutes!

Increase Sales

More quotes generally tends to translate into more clients, and more clients means more money!

Know Customer Requirements

Since our quote generator tool is based on artificial intelligence, it is extremely intuitive and can be customised for each of your clients.

Evaluate Project Cost

With our ready to go quotes, evaluating project costs is a lot faster and efficient. Give your clients precise costing with minimal effort!

Generate Scope of Work

Studies have shown that several new website or mobile app owners have little knowledge about what all is actually required – by suggesting more addable features, you are generating more scope for work.

Reduce Bounce Rate

An automated smart sales assistant tool like QuoteRules, can help you reduce the bounce rate on your website or application – ensure people go beyond the home page!

Close deals faster

Because you will have to spend a lot less time creating a fresh quote for each client, you can send them off faster and close deals faster!

Worried about the security of your leads?


As a business owner, you know the value of your leads information. You want it protected and that's why we've got measures in place to do just that! Your leads information is highly secure with us. We use multiple methods to protect your leads data and ensure that it remains 100% confidential.

Data encryption

When you receive new lead, its contact information encrypted before save

Password prompt

When you request to view contact information, system prompt you to enter a password to decrypt data

Network Request data protection

When your data travel through network with http request we encode its data packet, to protect it from malware or browser extensions

Quoterules Zapier Connectors


Integrate your QuoteRules leads with 3000+ cloud apps and services today.
QuoteRules Zapier allows you to connect web apps without any development work through automation's called Zaps. Send your QuoteRules leads data to one of your favorite apps.
A few popular examples are: Google Sheets, salesforce, zoho, gmail, slack, zendesk, Facebook, twitter, Twilio, SMS, monday dot com

QuoteRules Zapier Integrations

Why team with QuoteRules?


Simple interface

We offer one of the simplest interfaces – choose your questions, add your cost estimation, integrate and you are done!

Free templates

Choose from a variety of free templates and create your quote in minutes. Or, build your own template, using ours as a base – the choice is yours!

Easy to standardize

With our intuitive quote generator tool, you can create a standardized format for your quotes. Save time and effort, each time you have to generate a quote for a new client.

Simple to customize

When you want a truly customized or unique quote format, help us create it for you. Talk to our team and we will walk with you in creating the format or template you want or need.

Fits all budgets

Whether you have all the money in the world to spend or are working on a tight budget, we have something for you. Just have a quick chat with our sales assistant chatbot and we will get in touch with you to help you out!


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