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Your company website or mobile application can use our AI project estimation tool for your customers who are looking for game development, you can create personalized game quotes, ready to be sent off to clients at a minute’s notice. Either you can use our free templates or you can create your own set of questions to be sent to your clients. Once you factor in the cost elements and integrate your own entire quote, you can send it to your clients, and with us by your side, all this will not take more than a few minutes!

Create an intelligent assistant for Game Development Request a Quote.

For more effective lead generation

Create proposal for Dedicated resource to build game from Unique idea

A dedicated team of developers can be hired to work on unique game ideas. This option overall increases project cost because a dedicated team creates brand new code for this type of development.

Create proposals for Re-skinning / Redesigning or Update existing game

This option is best if you already have game source code or you get the game sources for other sources, a team can be hired to change characters. This is very popular because most of the games have common idea's and existing source code help developers to produce game earliest as possible.

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Game Development Template Question set


This is list of questions to Ask About the Game Development Template Knowledge gathering

What is your game genre

A video game genre is a specific category of games related to similar gameplay characteristics. Genre gives clues to pick the best rendering engine, game development language, and tools.

For which platform you are developing this game

The game development industry expanded to various different platforms, where mobile gaming through smartphones and tablet computers, virtual and augmented reality systems, etc are some platform examples.

How many characters you have in game

A player character is a fictional character in a video game or tabletop role-playing game whose actions are controlled by a player.

How many levels are in your game

A level-based game costing is calculated based on the number of levels you need in the game.

What additional features you need in your game

Social media integration, ads, or In-App purchases are popular addons that help you monetize your game. Pick what best for you.

Do your game have backgrounds and episodes

When you use a scrolling background, the game screen provides a view of a portion of the background. The figure shows how the game screen shows only a portion of a larger background. This type of background is used a lot in adventure games in which you control a character around a large virtual world.

How you want to develop game

Game development from scratch and game redesigning ( update existing games) are both popular ways to start with game development.

What is your game view

A game's view could be 2D or 3D. In brief 2D games use flat graphics, called sprites, and don’t have three-dimensional geometry. 3D games usually make use of three-dimensional geometry, with Materials and Textures rendered on the surface of GameObjects to make them appear as solid environments

Your game will be

A game may have different levels where complexity increases, so describe this


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