Welcome to the world of QuoteRules – your quote assistant tool !

We aim at helping businesses generate qualified leads, without having to invest too much time, which in turn helps increase productivity of their sales team.

Normally, every time you have to approach a client or a client gets in touch with you, you need to take the time to create a proposal or a quote that has a set of questions that are normally asked, every time. On a few occasions, you might have to streamline the set of questions, to customize it specifically for that particular client. A huge amount of time, and in most scenarios, a certain amount of resources have to be spent, each time a quote has to be prepared.

But when you have QuoteRules with you, your team saves time and effort and you save a lot of money! Our automated quote assistant software will analyze each customer’s specific requirement and not just suggest, but also help create the best quotes using smart Artificial Intelligence. We have created a cutting edge chat assistant that needs no fresh coding and allows you to utilize any of our pre-built question templates or add your own set of questions. This means, that you will always have a set of questions, a professional looking quote, ready in a matter of minutes. This also means that you will be able to share this quote with your clients almost immediately, creating an image of professionalism and commitment. And with so much lesser time being invested in creating these quotes, you can increase your profits!


There are several times that we have been asked what is the need for a quote and why is it so important. Well, here is what we tell our clients:

In the simplest of terms, a quote is a formal business document that gives your prospective clients a clear idea of how much a particular job will cost. Once you share this quote, the client knows there will be no change in the final costing, unless there is some unforeseen addition or reduction. This is one of the methods in which a quote varies from an estimate (in which, only a base rate is provided and that amount remains subject to change).

By having a proper quote to send to your clients, you can not only project a professional image, but also show that you have clarity in terms of your services and how much they cost. This clarity will help promote faster conversions, because the chances of your clients having doubts are much lesser.


There are those who are not sure how a quote needs to be made or what all should go into a quote. Here are the absolute essentials:

You need to start with a really good template, because that will work as your foundation.

Make a list of all the questions you need to ask your clients, to provide them with the proper answers.

The questions should be clear and framed with the intention of not only specifying the services you offer, but also to receive answers that enable to provide a clear pricing

Of late, there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence quote software and this is where we at QuoteRules come in! With our state of the art automated chatbot tool, you will be able to create professional looking quotes, in a matter of minutes and with minimal efforts. Here is how you would go about doing it:

1. Create your set of questions 2. create your project 3. set your effort costs – integrate!


Allow us to describe these steps with a little more details:

Depending on whether you are offering the services of web applications or mobile app development, you can build your set of questions. These could vary from whether they want to build a brand new application or website or rework one that already exists, what all pages they want, what kind of platform they want it hosted onto and so on. While our online quoting tool allows you to build your own set of questions, we encourage you to look at our free templates as well, which can be used as it is or can be altered for your requirements.

Once you are done setting up the questions, you can add details that you would want to share with your clients. These could include the extra services you have to offer, any incentives you can add and even details about projects you have successfully completed.

Perhaps the most important step would be to set up the costing as well – with our cost estimation tool you will be able to set billing amounts for each part of the project with ease. You can even choose to set up an overall costing or different costs for each aspect of the project.

Once you have the quote ready, you can send it off to your clients and what the greatest thing about teaming up with us, is that we will take the major load off of your shoulders. With us, altering the quotes is a matter of minutes – this means that you will be able to send customized quotes, with minimal effort and time. With more quotes being sent out, the chances of conversion also go up and that eventually means profits! Perhaps the biggest benefit of an automated quote making tool is the consistency it offers – there are no scopes for human error and of course, reduces the processing time drastically.


And in case you are still wondering why you should team up with us, here are some more reasons:

With the speed, accuracy and efficiency that you can enjoy with our smart sales assistant tool, you can increase the amount of quote requests you receive and as a result, sales as well.

The artificial intelligence enables our tool to be extremely intuitive, which means that it is easy to customize for each client and evaluating project costs becomes a lot easier.

By creating the most ideal set of questions, you can generate more scope of work.

Our simple interface as well as our bundles of free templates allow you to create quotes effectively and efficiently. You can standardize or customize the templates, based on your requirements.

So, if you are looking for an automated quote generation tool that saves your time, effort and helps you build your business, you need to get in touch with us today!


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