Website development proposal simplified

Convert website visits into leads with this professionally designed and customisable web development proposal template.

Generating qualified leads can be a time-consuming task, and one that many businesses struggle with.
Fortunately, there are tools that can help automate the process. Lead generation platforms like QuoteRules focus on shortening the lead qualification process by delivering high-quality content to prospects in an automated way.
QuoteRules Free Web Development Proposal Template is helping companies to generate qualified leads in just a few minutes by asking the right questions about their website development project to clients with their expertise and marketing expertise.

I worked in IT company for more than 10 years, as a part of senior development team and working with top management, I know the real pain of writing proposals for clients. To start with there after taking initial call with clients it was a huge delay on information gathering and proposal's writing and then approval process. What really hurt me most were when i put my 3-4 hours to understand complete requirement and create a task list but client simply refused or reject proposals.

Most of time it is repeated job where client come with same requirements with some extra customizations. But each new requirements need dedicated attention and time devotion to create task list. As a being developer i realized there should be tool to help business or development team which could generate Task list from clients requirements to make proposal faster.

This is the where QuoteRules idea came and with our Web Development Proposal template helps you in early discovery of requirements.

We created set of question's and knowledge graph. Our set of question cover most of web development related queries about all type of website projects. Our website development question set include, E-commerce, Wordpress, Static website, Custom Application related question sets. This forces clients to know the deep-end of their requirements in the form of a quiz.

What are some of the advantages of building a knowledge graph?

  • Clarity to the client about their requirements
  • Helps in early discovery of requirements
  • Helps in deciding on a project timeline
  • Helps in quoting a project cost
  • Helps in estimating the project timeline
  • Helps in estimating the project cost

QuoteRules generates web development proposals that you can download as PDF documents. The PDFs have all the project task requirements, pricing, and more. The document usually contains a professionally built proposal header and footer, an analysis of the client's needs and goals, and a technical explanation of each task.


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