Transform your visitor into a client

We can help you make the right connections with your customers. Let us show you how we can transform visitors into clients by using our time-tested and proven web marketing strategies to drive sales for your business. With over 12 years of combined experience we have developedSmart quote generator toolYour conversion rates will skyrocket and customer service improves dramatically once you understand how this tool works!

The key to turning visitors into clients is understanding how their brain works. When you can tap into how your customer’s brains work at different stages in the purchasing process or lead funnel, you may be able to drive more sales with less effort.

To make your job easier we have built QuoteRules, QuoteRules ask questions based on customer choices. QuoteRules provide a set of questions to solve and query specific problems. Our pre-made question templates help you to deep dive into the customer’s brain.

It is obvious if a visitor, visits your website and digs into the services you offer, he must be entertained by you to help him with what he is looking for.

Our QuoteRules tool helps you to entertain your visitor 24/7 and it is designed to collect all information about visitor requirements.

Why not let us help your visitors get entertained? Our team of experts is here for you. The following integration will be on the contact us page, where we are helping an IT company to entertain their visitors by providing interactive Question answers, so they can increase conversion rates!

Once visitors answer all the questions, our smart form ensures that your information is picked up and bound together. We then generate a lead with contact details!

This integration is a great way to get your project done, these are some key features of this integration:

  • It captures users' demographic information, name, and email address.
  • We evaluate all answers and generate estimates.
  • We generate proposal documents and allow you to update or add more tasks to the current proposal.
  • We generate an SOW (Scope of work) document ready for excel along with task evaluation.
  • We generate a PDF to download Proposal.

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