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We replace your website's old school Request a Quote button with our AI Sales assistant chatbot that automatically generates an estimate for your projects.

For any business to click, for any company to find more clients and convert leads into real sales, there is a lot of hard work that needs to go in behind the scene. Whether a prospective client gets in touch with you or you pitch to a client, in order to truly impress them, not only do you need to know all the required details, you also need to present it all professionally.
The first step is to create that perfect sales proposal – something that has all the details you want to send out and shows how professional and meticulous you are in what you do.
When you send a well drafted, precise estimate to your clients, you are showing your prospective clients what all you can do for them, what all they might need and of course, at what rates you can do it for them.

Here is what generally goes into building a proposal

Let’s say, you are a company that provides services related to mobile application or website development. A client approaches you asking for your help, but they are pretty new to the industry and are not sure what all needs to go into their mobile application or website.
Your set of questions or quote template will not only give them a good idea of what needs to be done, it will also give you a clear path of your project. So, for instance, you need to ask them whether they already have something they want reworked or they want something built from scratch.
You will ask them what kind of mobile application or website they are looking for, based on what their product or service is. Based on their response, you will have more questions to ask, ranging from how many pages they want for their website to which all platforms they want for their mobile application and so on.

Once your prospective client has answered all the questions, you can share a billing based on the time and effort you will need to put in. You will have to factor in aspects like how many man hours will be needed to complete the projects, whether you will have to bring in any specialists and whether you will have to invest in any new or high end software for this particular task. The clearer you are right from the beginning the better things will be towards the end – however, most people fumble the very process of building a quote, which is the way to the future happens to lie with automated quote making

Now there are those who will ask, why do we need a machine to do something that humans have been doing for such a long time. Well, here are just a few reasons why the manual process of estimate building is no longer viable:

Most companies might not have a proper estimation methodology in place – their estimation process might vary from person to person or even project to project.

When a particular project estimation might have worked well, chances are that the same might not get saved properly, for future references.

It has been seen that in many companies, there is no analyzing of the estimation process – so neither is there is a clarity in what is going wrong or where the improvement needs to be made.

Most importantly, by not understanding where the improvements need to come or where things are going wrong, several companies are unable to assess the risks associated with new projects.

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In the recent years, a growing number of companies are choosing to work with automated quote generator tools, not only because of the convenience it accords, but also for the precision. But before we jump into the benefits, we need to first understand what an automated quote making process actually does. With a quote making software, you can establish your set of questions which have to be asked, based on which, you can have an estimated costing ready and once you get the answers and your costing all sorted out, all you need to do is integrate everything. If you were to look at it in a little more detail:

It can help obtain all the important details and create a history or database that you can use for years to come and even tweak, as per the requirement.

A WBS or Work Breakdown Structure is extremely important to the pricing structure, and this is something that a sales quote software can do efficiently and effortlessly for you. So whatever aspect of your projects are regular, it can stabilize the methodology effectively.

With automated tools, it is much easier to chart up rough project plans, which will not only give you a fairly good idea about costing, but also task dependencies. Once you have this in hand, fine tuning it later is much easier and faster.

Moreover, you can have a system in place that allows you to develop detailed estimates for not only the larger aspects of the project, but also the smallest ones. It can also help you determine the number of staff you might require and how long the project might run.

However, the biggest advantage perhaps an automated estimation tool offers is that it can help you through a thorough risk assessment and with the results, you can make adjustments to the schedules and costing almost instantly.

If one were to break down the major benefits of using a cost estimating software, these would be the main points:

These tools are designed to provide accurate estimates, schedules, budgeting and cost as well as staff requirements

You can save your own project history and create something of a portfolio

It helps with the creation of a standard in methodologies and that in turn, can promise excellence

With the ‘portfolio’, you can understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to improve the process

When you have a proper structure in place, the chances of risk or lack of consistency are significantly reduced

At QuoteRules, we offer one of the most sophisticated smart quote generator tools that will allow your customers to see their expectations being met in terms of quality, cost and schedule. More importantly, you will be deliver estimates in minimal time, saving time and effort for you as well. Currently, our software quote assistant works for web development, mobile app development, game development and SEO estimation and we hope to expand to several other domains in the days to come!


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